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Discover the 7 best prepaid sim card usa plans in 2015 which includes
international and national calls, text messages and data. Everything

US Cellular: Best Unlimited Data plan 2015

If you’re
looking for the best unlimited data plan with no contract, then US cellular is
the best choice for you, you can just select a no-contract cell phone and have
fun with unlimited calls, texting messages and data plan for only $50 monthly
payment. Most companies offer the similar price of only 1 GB plan.

unlimited data plans

Just like
US Cellular last plans, the term “unlimited” means
“unlimited” but some carriers they choose to use this term in a very
selective way. What I mean is that you only have an unlimited plan for the very
first 500MB, after that it’s throttled the speed down to 1X. Every company in
the market use this method or even worse, so you will probably need to check
the term and conditions of any company you may want to choose. The terms and
conditions of US cellular say:

unlimited data plan speed of no contract: Full applicable of data speeds only
use for the very first 500MB of usage, then the data speeds should be slowed
down to 1x for the rest of the billing process.

No contract
data plan is only offered on certain cell phones. Usage fees may well apply
while using applications. The Consumer should have an optimistic account
balance to be able to purchase plans. Not all plans can be purchased by
no-contract plan. Not all handsets support all deals, US cellular have the
right to end your service is case above 200MB of the data usage in any month is
utilized in US Cellular non-licensed markets. Check more details on
Compare US
Cellular to the T-Mobile $70 unlimited deal, that is completely unlimited in
each speed and data. US Cellular plan looks to be similar to T-Mobile $50 deal
that provides 500MB data on the full-speed and also throttles down later on.
Sprint unlimited selections begin at $80 for one phone, but still needs a
contract otherwise you pay a complete price handset. US Cellular new promo plan
makes good sense financially when you’re in a location which has excellent US
Cellular 4G and poor sprint or t-mobile coverage as well as with the former
small network, that’s not like to claim the least.

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