T-shirt dress codes & more [This Week Today]

Welcome to another edition of This Week Today, this week’s 5 must-read marketing and tech stories. Here’s vol. #fifteen for Friday 10.16.2015.

1. Retail is about to be reinvented [Huge]

“A brand is a galaxy, and all channels and touchpoints—social, websites and branded content—are planets. While a physical store is a planet, it’s one with many circling satellites; an ecosystem with its own set of orbital forces. Digital agencies are already keeping brand touchpoints in sync, but the retail store of the future will become the nexus of all user data, informing the physical brand experience.”

T-shirt 2. T-shirts and the casualness of tech [TechCrunch]

“In public, you would see Steve wearing his typified jeans, sneakers and black turtleneck. Individuals in the industry straying away from the latter item altogether (lest they be giving off the appearance of trying to remotely resemble the greatest ‘think different-er’ of our time) really does limit one’s turtleneck options.”

Containers 3. Free shipping boosts sales for The Container Store
[Internet Retailer]

“The Container Store will continue upgrading mobile commerce and its ‘multichannel shopping experience with improved search engine optimization, video content, and community question-and-answer functionality, while using its website to grow the brand with initiatives like the June 2015 launch of Container Stories,’ its lifestyle blog.”

Human pyramid
4. Lessons from working at a growth-stage startup
[Ram Parthasarathy/LinkedIn]

“I wanted to capture my thoughts and more importantly reflect on the things I learned by being a part of a growth-stage startup. During my time the number of employees, clients, revenue and every other metric grew at a healthy rate and there were a number of ups and downs. Every stage brought along a number of interesting challenges. Here is what I learned.”

5. The Computer Show

Just watch this.

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