Unwrap the Right Holiday Look

Your summer months were probably packed with holiday planning and preparations. Now that fall is here, the weather is cooler and your holiday plans have kicked into action! But before the season gets into full swing, it’s worth reviewing your plans to find any overlooked areas you could punch up to increase your holiday sales.

At this point, the promotions and products you plan to feature during the holidays are likely locked in, but there could be ways to help your email designs better connect with holiday shoppers. Adding holiday flair is, of course, a great way to make the inbox festive, but you need to go beyond the typical trimmings and find ways to make your messages more engaging so shoppers can’t resist clicking through and submitting an order.

Need some fresh ideas and inspiration? Bronto’s four-part Holiday Email Marketing Lookbook Series highlights emails that champion the cheerfulness of the holidays during the peak weeks of the season and offers a few lumps of coal that missed the mark.

It can be a challenge to showcase a wide variety of featured products or avoid the trap of remailing the same design multiple times. Find out how top retailers wrap up their promos into emails that sparkle and shine. The series covers:

Lookbook 1: The lead up to Black Friday.
Lookbook 2: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and “last day” sales.
Lookbook 3: Post-Black Friday and the final holiday shopping push.
Lookbook 4: Final weeks of the holiday season.

Whether you need some help finding your festive flair or simply want ideas on using your messages effectively during this busy time, the lookbook series will show you what to try and what to avoid.

Download the series today. And stay tuned for the 2015 edition once the craze of Black Friday and Cyber Monday winds down. Tis the season!

*For an international treat, check out our 2015 Christmas Email Marketing Lookbook: UK Edition.

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